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At Bluegrass Soft Wash, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch house washing services that go above and beyond your expectations!

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Does your home have algae, dirt, grime, and mold growing on it? It’s time to call us. A clean home will increase your home’s curb appeal and value!

Pressure washing a home is not the way to safely clean your home. In fact, using a pressure washer does not clean and kill the organic growth–it only knocks off the surface level. It will damage your siding leaving oxidation and forcing water where it’s not supposed to be! It’s best to leave the house washing to the professional companies like Bluegrass Soft Wash.

Our soft wash system uses very low pressure, not like a pressure washer. The specialized cleaning solution we use does all the work in removing dirt and organic growth from the exterior of your home. It is also safe to use around plants and your landscaping. Our house washing service includes cleaning the siding, shutters, trim, and exterior of gutters. We also offer fence, roof, driveway and concrete cleaning!

house washing Lexington Kentucky


-Starting at $275

2000-2500 SQ.FT.

-Starting at $349

2500-3000 SQ.FT.

-Starting at $399


-Starting at $449

house washing, Lexington Kentuky
House washing Lexington entucky

House Washing in Lexington, KY

This giant house was actually up in Cincinnati, Ohio. His walls were covered in algae and lichens. We sprayed our algicide solution on the walls, it loosened up all the organics. Then we pressure

house washing, Frankfort Kentucky

House Washing in Frankfort, KY

Cathey called us to have her house washed in the two creeks neighborhood. Her house was covered in mold and mildew. We used our soft wash technique to gently remove all the mold and mildew. when we

House washing, Lexington Kenucky

House Wash in Lexington, KY

Tonia called us to wash her siding in Masterton station in Lexington. It was covered in algae, mold, and mildew. Bluegrass Soft Wash uses a specialized cleaning solution that removes organic

House washing, Versailles Kentucky

House Wash In Versailles, KY

Jon Called us to clean his siding on his new house. it was riddled with so much algae mold and mildew. With a soft wash we got the siding looking like new again! Bluegrass Soft Wash uses a specialize

pressure washing, soft washing, Lexington Kentucky


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