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At Blue Grass Soft Wash, we employ advanced methods and environmentally friendly products to deliver exceptional driveway cleaning services that will surpass your every expectations.

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Driveways are built to take a lot of abuse, and visually that can show. Even if you've moved into a new home or have just had it repaved, it's a sure bet that your driveway will soon show signs of wear and tear. Vehicles track mud, dirt, gravel, and pollen onto concrete or asphalt surfaces, leaving them streaked and stained. Of course, the rain will wash some of this away. But over time, this grime will build up, enter any cracks and crevices in your driveway, and leave things looking worse than they should. Getting rid of spots from the oil and other automotive fluids is even more challenging. These go deep down into the surface and become extremely hard to remove; the same holds for black marks from your tires. Over time, you may see tracks develop on the path you usually travel.

Our driveway cleaning service will remove tire tracks, mud, and grime from your pavement. We use a combination of water, pressure, and chemicals to remove the buildup and leave your driveway looking new. We also clean parking lots and other exterior and commercial surfaces.

Driveways can feel like a magnet for grime. It makes sense, too; they come into contact with virtually every eyesore that can bring a property down.

Multiple Options For Your Driveway Cleaning

That's why Bluegrass Soft Wash offers several driveway cleaning options to keep your driveway clean and maintained year-round:

  Debris removal - Dirt and leaves. Mold and mysterious substances. We've seen it all, and we've removed it all, too! 

Chewing gum removal - Sometimes, chewing gum sneaks its way onto your driveway. Our cleaning solutions will make it seem like it was never there. 

Preventative care - Regular cleaning helps your driveway maintain its quality for the long term. It will not only heighten your home's curb appeal but increase its longevity in the long run.

With a regular driveway cleaning, you get the best of both worlds; your curb appeal gets maximized power, and you also get the quality that lasts. At Bluegrass Soft Wash, you can count on us to provide you with a thorough driveway, patio or concrete cleaning for your Lexington property. If you're looking for a driveway cleaning for your Lexington home, please call us at 502-370-1909 for a free consultation and estimate.

Check out some of our latest driveway cleaning projects!

At Bluegrass Soft Wash, we have prided ourselves in providing the best pressure washing in Lexington and its surrounding counties. How do we do that? By offering both our residential and commercial properties various pressure washing options including deck cleaning, house washing, gutter cleaning, fence washing, roof cleaning and driveway cleaning.

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